Ambreen Kausar

Ambreen Kausar

Field Officer/Surveyor
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House# 1835, St#74, I-10/1, Islamabad

About Me


Arid Agriculture University, RWP. 2008-2011

Master in Anthropology

Major: Sociology, Archeology, Research

Work & Experience

CHIP Training & Consulting Pvt Ltd (CTC) 11/01/2018 - 09/18/2020

HR Officer

As HR Officer Handled staff approx. 400 under the COMNet Punjab moreover, managing the regional affairs at Head office level. Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Recruitment/hiring on vacant codes (all over the Punjab) 2. To ensure the 100% Deployment of staff 3. Compliance and management of staff 4. Coordination and liaison with all the stakeholder 5. Compliance with the regional staff. 6. Preparation of budgets 7. Preparation of monthly and weekly progress reports to update client 8. Conducting investigations and preparation of investigation reports 9. Supervision and monitoring of staff and field level activities. 10. Coordination and liaison with focal persons of Punjab 11. Submission of the data reports/updates in timely manner. 12. Conduction of refresher/induction trainings. 13. Insurance of all the staff 14. Data management and reporting weekly & monthly.

CHIP Training & Consulting Pvt Ltd (CTC) 08/01/2018 - 10/30/2020

Project Officer

1) To develop Malaria Microscopy and RDT QA system document and training manual in alignment with WHO guidelines for Quality Assurance in Malaria Diagnosis along with training manuals. 2) Development of G6PD screening guidelines both in English and Urdu. 3) National Treatment Protocol in English and Urdu languages with editing in Coral Draw Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Communication and coordination with the Client (DoMC) 2. Meeting with all the focal persons of assignment 3. Identification and induction of consultants with the relevant experience to complete the assignment successfully. 4. Identification of vendors for within the limited budget of assignment 5. Formatting of 12 english and 12 Urdu manuals. 6. Submission of all the manual in timely manner.

CHIP Training & Consulting Pvt Ltd (CTC) 04/15/2020 - 07/31/2018

As Internal Focal Person Team Lead/ Project Officer

The objective was to effectively monitor the implementation status of the training program in ICT, 36 district of Punjab and 32 district of Balochistan, mentioned in the RFP, by Roving Monitors and Stationary Monitors. Real time data needs to be collected and shared with UNDP using an online data or dashboard. The key objectives revolves around the methods of monitoring and evaluation of the training process in the mentioned districts, in which training activities will be observed for real time data collection and reporting. Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Coordination and liaison with stakeholder and the clients including the district coordinators of Punjab and Balochistan, 2. Recruitment of staff for the project, selection of monitors in Punjab and Balochistan 3. Assisted in preparation of monitoring tools 4. Preparation of rollout plans for Punjab and Balochitan. 5. Planning and execution of rollout plan successfully in Punjab and balochitsan and successful achievement of target before time. 6. Undertaken the monitoring of Returning Officers (ROs) trainings in Islamabad and also supervise the monitoring of the ROs in Balochistan and successfully achieved target. 7. Management of data and timely reporting to the General Manager. 8. Worked on the execution of the second phase. 9. Report writing and submission of cadre wise all reports.

CTC 01/01/2016 - 03/30/2018

Project Coordinator

CTC undertook a research into its community development work to understand the dynamics at the LSOs level in the organizational Governance and the services it offers to the communities. a long term research was commissioned as a joint initiative of the University of Oxford and the Lahore School of Economics, Duke University and is funded by PPAF. CTC’s role is to support the research team in data collection from over 470 Local Support Organizations (LSOs / TTOs) across all parts of Pakistan. The focus of this study is a group of organizations which are called Third-Tier Organizations (TTOs), Local Support Organizations (LSOs), or Union Council Development Organizations (UCDOs). The Research Team in collaboration with PPAF is interested in undertaking an experiment in order to further study effective treatment strategies within these LSOs. In second round PPAF and LSE has revised the model of the project and hired 8 Community Resource Person (CRP) for each treatment group. My duties are to supervise the Governance treatment group, which is consist of 4 CRPs. To Manage data on ODK, Preparation of daily update reports, coordination with partner organizations, field verification visits and the reports, development of resource material for the training, hiring of new staff and all the logistical coordination with the LSE and the CRPs. Role and Responsibilities: 1. Development of ROP, its regular update on weekly basis 2. Logistical arrangements for CRPs in order to ensure that CRPs do not face any logistical issues during the reporting period 3. Advances for CRPs are requested timely and bills are verified on a regular basis during the reporting period 4. Data management on ODK software. 5. Ensure that calls are returned on recorded system by CRPs. To ensure the quality of data 6. CRPs follow script and SOPs 7. Weekly updates are prepared accurately for submission to LSE 8. Preparation of weekly memos to update the client about the project progress 9. Regular Skype calls with the client 10. Internal CTC review meetings and preparation of minutes of meeting. 11. Field Monitoring Formats are developed 12. Monitoring of Telenor Calls are done accurately and regularly 13. LSO Verification Calls are made for the reporting period 14. Printing Material is reviewed and communicated if required during the current week 15. Ensure courier of required materials to LSOs or CRPs if required during the current week 18. District wise debriefing calls to CRPs Any other task if assigned by the supervisor



MS Office Package (Ms Word, Excel and Powerpoint)