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About Me

If organization could benefit from vision-driven, goal-focused person with organizational planning, Implementation and proven medium to large scale team management skills look no further than the enclosed CV attached. After reading your requirements for the position, I am certain of my abilities to excel in this capacity with your organization, due to innovation and achievements in resilience development & Emergency programs operations including technical assistance in project development, planning & Implementation, partnering, project material procurements, result based monitoring, regular reporting/communications and team management, which directly or indirectly linked with SDG’s

Throughout the career, ever struggled to establish a reputation as a transformational leadership who is driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles and committed to furthering standards of excellence. As an expert in management, developing and delivering highly valued projects/interventions served with International/National organizations including IRC, Plan International for direct implementation and USAID, DFID, FAO, Concern Worldwide in partnership implementation, Human Development Foundation, LPP, IRM, NRSP as well as CBOs and local Govt. Department/organizations, ministries/ departments at the federal, provincial or district levels projects. Abilities to build consensus among executive teams and stakeholders to promote transparency and influence positive change for protection & safeguarding in resilient community development has been repeatedly proven around SDG’s, with diversity and inclusion, Gender focused programs.

Following are the highlights of my achievements that would help to consider my CV for further negotiation:

·         Master’s degrees in social sciences with +15-year medium to large scale Program & Project Management experience with National and International Development organization for Program/Project development, Implementation as well as partnership management/coordination in terms of products and services.

·         Certified in Project Management (PMD-Pro & FMD-Pro) and successfully rolled out the PMD-Pro Certification Training Program for Managers and Coordinators in Plan International Pakistan

·         Hands on experience to develop and coordinate/manage the partnership cycle for accelerating the services

·         Develop/build and maintain linkages with representatives of local partners/project stakeholders including media, line agencies, civil society and international organizations, religious clergy, and political representatives.

·         Through proper Planning, organizing, and delegating the work ever leads to success and maintained. Time management skills and qualitative/quantitative report writing experience, development of collaborative liaison, best served in the stress full environment taking it opportunity,

·         Organizational commitment, personal integrity and accountability as well as ability to work with diverse team and respected the others. Extensive usage of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other software such as share point, BVA, supply chain and financial software ensured the quality reporting requirement to donors.



Islamia University Bahawalpur 1995

M. Sc. Statistics

Islamia University Bahawalpur 2000

M.A Political Science

Work & Experience

International Rescue Committee 01/20/2020

District Coordination Manager

1. Project Planning, Implementation, Management and Coordination 2. Strategic Leadership and Technical Support in project planning and Implementation 3. Ensured upward and downward Communications and Advocacy 4. Partnership Identification, assessment, Development, facilitation, and monitoring 5. Ensured the program Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning, quality assurance as per annual program log-frame and M&E Plans 6. Ensured the program Governance and Compliance at all level 7. Ensured project HR Plans, process to recruit, develop People/team and management. Develop JD's of staff, IAP,s probationary period and annual plans. Assess team members based on the IAP and other organization performance assessment tools. 8. Plan, prepare and chair meetings (PIM’s) and make sure minutes with responsibilities and deadlines. 9. Assure effective communication and the culture of problem solving within the team. 10. Regular and active participation in district and provincial networks for Organizational Representation 11. Developed activity based Annual Budgeting, monitor the variances, and made sure the financial management through BVA and other processes 12. Excellent program operational management & Internal Control in compliance with policies, procedures of the organizations 13. As a Project Management specialist conducted Training/ workshop and facilitated the HR department in staff capacity development 14. Ensure staff safety & security by adopting standard security TOR's, policy, and regular project as well as security risk assessments

Grass Root Pakistan 09/11/2019 - 01/19/2020

Head of Office

1. Overall led the project team, managed partners, keep smooth project programs & operations by developing/implement the existing strategies. Mad sure the monthly, quarterly program reviews, internal and third-party monitoring, quarterly assessments, planning along with project team, partners, donors, and head office. 2. Provided strategic analysis and guidance, contributed in the development of technical strategic areas. Provided high quality advice and analysis of Livelihood work and trends, synthesis of learning on BDRP-CBDRM Project from external and internal sources/partners, to help the project team to plan more effective and risk-informed emergency response-based livelihood strategies. 3. Guided BDRP-CBDRM team in disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness and response Participated in the development and implementation of Livelihood & CBDRM strategies, together with the partners, particularly gender analysis and mainstreaming. 4. Managed and shared the good practice among BDRP project integrating Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), social protection and sustainable solutions for livelihoods and WASH, in disaster affected areas. 5. Facilitated the learnings and sharing of good practices in the area, and contribute to DRR related knowledge management with partners, DDMA and other Govt. departments. 6. Facilitated the implementation team through liaise and coordination with donor and other implementing partners 7. Led the development of a coherent strategic vision at all level for BDRP-CBDRM program in the district. 8. Developed a practical and effective approach to community-based risk assessment, analysis and contextualized, based on the priorities set by the donor office, longer-term programs, based on the best practices and sound gender analysis. 9. Managed and supervise the team of project for implementation of project activities 10. Supported head offices to develop contingency plans meeting organizational requirements and monitor the regular up-dates of these plans. 11. Supported BDRP-CBDRM team and project managers to ensuring project interventions and activities within due time, budget, and scope as per PIM frame. 12. Ensured the coordination with Govt. departments, District Core Network/working groups, donors, implementing partners and LPP HO 13. Regularly monitored the budget planning, spending, procurements, and milestone to be achieve in perspective of resources, schedule, and project scope

Institute of Rural Management 04/15/2019 - 09/10/2019

District Incharge

1. Identification, Design, Planning and Implementation of skills development project (Vocational & Enterprise Training Organizations) capacity building interventions 2. Identification of groups, verification, and implementation procedures as per BISP data and Poverty Score 3. Ensured the logistics and operational arrangements of centers in the communities 4. Ensured the implementation and operations of Vocational and Enterprise trainings 5. Project Field staff identification, recruitment and capacity building 6. Ensured the timely Identification, recruitment and mentoring of training instructors 7. Capacity building of project staff and ensured their performance aligned with project agreed target plans 8. Coordination with Govt. of Punjab PMU, NRSP field offices and other stake holders 9. Served as the primary interface and ensuring appropriate liaison with the project donors 10. Planning, assistance in implementation and reporting of the projects/milestones and programmatic monitoring of skills development program/ (VTO & ETO) projects Quality Assurance, Planning and monitoring 1. Ensured high quality and timely production of all deliverables 2. Prepared, reviewed and submitted all reports to the donor in accordance with the agreement 3. Managed reporting calendar to ensure timely and high-quality projects reports 4. Developed active information services through effective networking with other capacity building institutions Coordination and liaising with donor, Govt. department and Regional Office: 1. Liaised with regional head, extending technical support, minimizing bottle necks, and playing vital role in troubleshooting. 2. Regular variance analysis of all the project functions and sharing of analysis with the regional head and the donors. 3. Technical guidance of the team regarding implementation of project tasks and deliverables. 4. Any other project task assigned by the line manager

Plan International 09/01/2014 - 11/30/2018

Program Unit Manager

Program, Project Implementation Management and Coordination Ensured smooth implementation of programs, projects as well as annual quarterly monthly business plans are being followed Coordinated the country program strategy translated into practical action for team Effectively coordinated with all stakeholders, District Commissioner, District Committees, Elected leaders and other INGOs and NGOs etc. Ensured the Project Cycle Management every year, prepared detail implementation plans, work breakdown system for holistic needs and right base programs Develop and reviewed all management plans including Quality, Schedule and resources Mentored team to identify, design and develop coherent, resilient and strategic program projects including concepts and proposals. Recorded, reported and managed the risk identification, assessment and managed conflicts Strategic Leadership and Technical Support Ensured program Project team and partners are continuously engaged and aligned with organization vision, mission, values, strategic directions, and business plan. Fostered effective on-going communication between team and partners in-district and the rest of the program project area. Worked with peers across the organization to share knowledge, skills, resources and networks. Provided on job technical support to program project team in normal and as well as in complex situation, for identification, planning, implementation and managing the risks challenges Communications and Advocacy Reviewed monthly quarterly program and financial reports, online and manual for internal and external purposes. Quarterly monitoring and management reports shared for decision making. Ensure the coordination and communication among sector specialist, program team and stakeholders. Planed and lead strategy for raising the profile of organization in-district provincial, networking with key Stakeholders. Partnership Development and Management Ensured partners, stakeholders management and development through identification and assessment. Maintained high-quality partnerships for quality of programs through performance evaluation on annual basis Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability Learning Develop and facilitated participatory and result base Monitoring Evaluation framework in place used to inform program development and accountability. Ensured the implementation on M E plans, logical framework and its findings as per RACI. Ensured action planning and utilization of research on the findings of MEAL. Governance and Compliance Ensured project program governance, legal compliance in all areas including tax, HR policies, SOPs of security, health and safety, insurance etc. Well informed all the stakeholders and governance body Create equal opportunity environment without any gender inequalities People Development and Management Recruited, trained, conducted annual and by annual staff performances online and manual appraisals as well as peer assessment. Provided support coaching to program teams to improve their performance for quality of work Ensured office has effective and efficient employee structure in place according to organization policies, plans and employee. Managed conflicts and low performance cases Organizational Representation Representation on behalf of organization at district level networks, events and Govt. department for committees like District WASH Core Group, District Coordination Committee, District Polio eradication committee, Health recruitment committee etc. Coordinate and work closely with Govt. departments and development partners for implementation of Programs projects, activities. Annual Budgeting and Financial Management Designed and prepared annual budget, applied bottom to top approach, shared with finance for review and aligned with financial system. Ensured to meets the annual financial objectives of program by forecasting requirements, scheduling expenditures, analyze variances, quarterly re appropriations. Ensured monthly and quarterly system generated financial reports to ensure the spending compliances as well as earned value analysis. Ensured project outline activity-based budgeting, projects outlined in SAP (online software) Operational Management & Internal Control Ensured operations of Program office in compliance with policies. Supported, guided to operational team for communication screening, prioritization and delegation where appropriate, workflow prioritization and management, event organization, establishment and maintenance of records Ensured the appropriate supply chain management and other field operations for development and emergencies. Training, workshop Facilitator Completed F2F PMD- Pro level-1 training, CHS, financial literacy, leadership and mobilization, financial supervision in construction work, organization strategy, theory of change, risk and issue management, conflict handling to staff and communities. Worked with District Education, Health, Population and other department for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the District as active members of District SDGs Implementation Committee Key results around SDG’s 1. Program, Project Implementation Management and Coordination 2. Program, Project Planning and Designing development and Implementation of program, project 3. Annual Budgeting and Financial Management at Regional Level 4. Ensured the process of Monitoring Evaluation accountability and learning indicators of performance improvement programs 5. Ensured the proper management of Human Resources through recruitment, annual and biannual performance appraisal, staff trainings and development 6. Represented the organization at different working groups in the district and province 7. Liaised the relationship with organizational stakeholders, NGOs and District line departments 8. Ensured the operational management and internal controls of the region and field offices 9. Assessed and mitigated the risks, issues and handled the staff performance issues as well as annual objectives A)- Formal, Non-Formal child friendly education programs ECCDECE with Govt. Education Department and Plan International Pakistan from 2014-18 in 48 Govt schools B)- School Rehab and Improvement (SR I) project with Telenor Pakistan and Education department 2015-17 in 11 Govt schools C)- School Improvement Project (SIP) with District Govt. through the funding of Plan Int. Ministry of foreign affair of Finland, Sweden (School missing facilities) 2014-16 in 60 Govt Schools, D)- Through Girls power program, and Fast Track Learning Education more than 6000 girls were graduated under Open University Education Programs E)- 50 villages were declared ODF through PATS approach in WASH after confirmation and certification of District Govt. Pakistan Approach to Total Sanitation (PATS) with Local Govt. and Public Health Engineering Department (2014-18 F)- Capacity building project was completed with 4 UC elected bodies on local bodies ordinance, their responsibilities and over all governance G)- Women Empowerment project under livelihood program was completed in 120 villages in collaboration and coordination of Govt. Cooperative, Livestock, and agriculture department H)- SRHR Project was completed with the Aim to reduce Early child marriages in one Tehsil during the period. Implemented MNCH Program with Health Department, through capacity development of staff on good governance, mobilization, and advocacy tools for the whole district I)- Partnership agreement was signed with DC, DHA, DEA, Social Welfare, Population Welfare, Cooperative and Livestock Department. Capacity of local CSOs were assessed, developed partnership and completed projects on gender issues, good governance, livelihood, Child protection and Youth Development J)- Sponsorship program and compliance on the commitment for sponsor child and sponsor 2014-18 K)- Implemented real time monitoring tools including Community feedback system at village level for effective program implementation and real time reporting Operations were phased out in Pakistan

Human Development Foundation Pakistan 07/01/2006 - 08/31/2014

Regional Program Manager

Independently and successfully lead the operations of program up to 8 years with 29 directly and 105 indirectly staff with annual budgeting through online Quick Books pro system Ensured Program, Project cycle management every year with achievements of formal and non-formal education, primary health care, economic development, enterprise development microcredit programs, social mobilization, environmental sustainability with PPAF as well as support functions Managed microcredit program independently in partnership with Khushhali Microfinance Bank Ltd in South Punjab. Independently executed, supervised and ensured the key milestones of microfinance project in collaboration with Khushhali Microfinance Bank in 9 branches and 24 staff members Ensured the compliance on monthly, quarterly and annual monitoring, evaluation, program milestone and performance improvement reports Conducted staff recruitment, management, annual performance appraisals, peer reviews and staff development over the period Represented the organization in different working groups, Relationship with stakeholders, NGO, civil society and district line departments Risk, issue management, program, project governance and compliance Completed 8 projects with National and International donors in development emergencies Key Results around MDGs 1. Formal and Non-Formal child friendly education Program organization managed and partnership with Govt. 2. Primary Health Care Program (MNCH, Family Planning, Safe and skilled birth water and sanitation, community education) organization managed and partnership with Govt. 3. Economic Development (livelihood food security) and microcredit program 4. Environment Sustainability (WASH, Community Physical Infrastructure Development) 5. Community Development Programs, Projects through Social Mobilization and Advocacy. 6. Advocacy Project (Education Rights) 7. Emergency and risk reduction Project on DRR 1. Formal and Non-Formal Education program in the District owned by the organization in the District 2. USAID- HDF Advocacy Project on education rights under Citizen Voice Project 3. UK AIDDFIDHDF E-Learning Program through digital study project for education under DAI 4. UNDPGEFSG-HDF Integrated Pest Management Project on Agriculture 5. KBL-HDF Micro credits program, individual and group lending, recovery and Social Mobilization. Managed the HDF own microcredit Program as well 6. FAO-HDF Cash for work project for flood affected communities 7. UNDP-HDF Early recovery project for flood affected communities 8. Rhode Island Community-HDF Integrated Housing Project (Model village) for flood affected communities 9. State Bank of Pakistan Bearing Point International & HDF Financial Literacy project for Rural Communities 10. PPAF-HDF Community Physical Infrastructure Project. 11. Coordination and Liaising with Govt department, internal and external stakeholders 12. Real time monitoring of program, project activities by conducted field visits, through log frame and annual planning 13- Ensured the representation in District Thematic Clusters to share the work progress and ongoing activities

National Rural Support Program 03/15/2000 - 06/14/2006

Senior Social Organizer

Led the team of Social Organizer for Community Mobilization and Development Implemented the microcredit program in the Region Ensured the cash flows of microcredit programs through spot verification of individuals and groups Ensured and monitor the recovery process with 100% disbursement and recovery Ensured the Community based institutional development process and capacity building Ensured the implementation of women led enterprises in urban areas along with women staff members Trained the newly recruited staff on microcredit process and programs as well as and community development process Identified the new outreach areas and established new field Units Offices Conducted regular field monitoring visits of area to ensure the program quality and quantity as per annual target planning Ensured the regular flow of information upward and downward through reporting, documentation, meetings and workshops Scope of Program Microcredit programs 2Formal Education Program (Quality Education for all QEFA) 3Small Scale Infrastructure programs for rural communities 4Sugar Can Productivity Enhancement of small Farmers Projects Partners Jamal Din Wali Sugar Mills Govt. Education department of Punjab Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund

Govt of Punjab Public Health Engineering Department 02/02/1998 - 02/29/2000

Community Mobilizer

Completed the Identification process of villages as per given criteria for implementation of project through the process of need assessment and participatory rural appraisal and door to door surveys in the District Ensured Community Mobilization and formation of community-based organizations Conducted Training of community-based organization through the process of institutional capacity on community development, village development plans, and construction supervision work related to project Completed Village data collection, pre and post situation analysis Ensured regular communication through Monthly, quarterly and yearly project reporting Ensured coordination with engineering wing of PHED and local Govt. and community development for project implementation and negotiation with community time to time Organized events and meetings with community, PHED and LG RD for ongoing project negotiations and handing taking of projects Scope of Work 1. Improved WASH 2. Capacity building of communities on project self-management 3. Developed Liaison of communities with PHED and Local Govt. department Project Partners 1. Punjab Public Health Engineering Department 2. Asian Development Bank 3. Islamic Development Bank 4. Village Communities



Project Management
Research and Development
Conflict Resolution and Issue Management