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About Me


Punjab University,lahore Pakistan 1986


Punjab University, Lahore Pakistan 1989


Punjab University, Lahore Pakistan 1990


Work & Experience

Population Census Organization, Government of Pakistan 10/26/1981 - 03/04/2003

Assistant Census Commissioner (BS-17) in Population Census Organization, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.

• Assist in designing and development of census questioners, Manual of Instructions, Field Operation Plans for the 5th Population and Housing Census of Pakistan (1998). • Responsible for implementation of the entire census related activities in Sindh Province including appointment of field staff, establishment of control room, distribution of training material, logistic supplies, House Listing Operation, Enumeration process etc. • Imparted professional training to census field staff at different levels. • Imparted computer training to the staff for controlling of census data entry through Optical Mark Reading (OMR) machines. • Participated in designing and development of computer applications for data analysis and supervision of data scanning operation of 5th Population and Housing Census (held in March 1998) data through Optical Mark Reading (OMR) machines. • Analysis of Census data and preparation of Districts/Provincial/National Census reports and preparation of Handbooks, City Reports, District Broachers of Sindh province. • Data supply to local/foreign agencies pertaining to 5th Population and Housing Census and examination of different technical proposals received from different national/international organizations and comments thereon, preparation of briefs etc.

Ministry of Population Welfare, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad 05/06/2003 - 02/14/2005

Statistical / Research Officer (BS-17) (Monitoring and Statistics Wing),

• To compile the Statistical information’s for programme and non-programme service outlets. • To prepare monthly progress report on the working of Population Welfare Programme and its distribution to programme units. • To assist in the preparation of sample designing, questioners, tabulation plan for any type of sample survey. • Analyzing data using microcomputer and assist in the preparation of draft reports. • Participated in preparing “Manual of Monitoring & Supervision” of Ministry of Population Welfare, Monitor the field activities at gross-root levels and supervise the field enumeration work, conduct interviews and deal with the editing and coding of filled in questioners.

Production and Printing Unit, Ministry of Population Welfare, Government of Pakistan, Lahore. 03/21/2005 - 10/17/2007

Assistant Director (Administration), (BS-17)

• Ensure proper maintenance of personal files, service books and other official record. • Supervise and arrange the procurement of papers, printing/graphic material, issuance of tender, calling of quotations etc. • Ensure proper security of office building and press. • Supervise the official transport and ensure proper maintenance of Log Book, movement registers etc. • Supervise and maintain the store and up-date record/list of stock position.

Ministry of Population Welfare, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad 11/19/2007 - 12/31/2010

Deputy Director (BS-18) (Foreign Assistance and Training, Public Private Partnership, Communication strategy, Population Education)

1. To process Project for Foreign Assistance from aid giving agencies and process Project for Foreign Assistance. 2. Coordination and monitoring of Population Welfare Programme components of running in AJK, Gilgit / Baltistan(GB) and FATA. 3. Coordination with NGOs through National Trust for Population Welfare (NATPOW) for providing comprehensive RH/FP services through greater involvement of NGO’s. 4. Coordination with National Institute of Population Studies (NIPS) for undertaking research, surveys, evaluation and studies in the areas of population and development including FP/RH. 5. Participated in Preparation/development of Communication strategy of Ministry of Population Welfare. 6. Develop and maintain regular exchange of data, research & evaluation reports, Publications and other relevant reports with public, private cadmic and other national / international institutions. 7. Supervision of UNFPA Advocacy Project 2009. 8. Prepare & implement Annual Work Plan for Population education. 9. Conduct and organized seminars/workshops and coordinate training activities of different categories with provisional Population Welfare Departments. 10. Act as Resource person and delivered / designed presentations / lectures. 11. Arrange Workshops and Seminars on Population & Development for Senior Policy Makers, Planners, and Educational Administrators for mainstreaming Population Education in Education Planning & Research.

Establishment Division, MS wing, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad 12/30/2010

Deputy Director (BS-18)

• To assist the Director General / Director in identifying data requirements, prioritizing various assignments and designing of terms of reference. • To collect, analyze, interpret & report data/facts and assist in the formulation of recommendations/reports. • To keep a liaison with the client organizations for completion of the assignment, arrange and participate in official meeting and prepared necessary notes. • To assist in the problems identification and fact finding pertaining to any reference or management problems referred by the organizations. • To remain in touch with the latest knowledge of management tools and techniques. • To deal with residual matters pertaining to Ex-CSRU/PAC • Working as Focal person of NVM (defunct) to deal with residual matters of NVM.


One-year Post Graduate Diploma in Demography Social Sciences Research Centre, University of the Punjab, One – year Diploma in Computer Programming. Punjab Board of Technical Education, Lahore.