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About Me

M Sajjad Abro has MPhil in Anthropology and has 17 years of progressive professional experience in development sector. He has worked with various national and international organizations of good repute and his expertise lies in program designing and implementation, development of monitoring and evaluation system, research and advocacy. Recently he worked with European Union as an Education Expert and provided technical support to Education and Literacy Department of Sindh province. He possesses the following skills:

¡  Experience of working with international organizations: Abro has worked with European Union as an education consultant to provide technical support to Government of Sindh to implement education reforms in the province. He worked with Oxfam GB as a Provincial Advocacy Coordinator to influence Government of Sindh to prepare contingency plans and advocate for recovery of flood affectees. He also worked with Brac Development Institute (BDI), Bangladesh, to pilot World Bank funded Targeting Ultra Poor Project (TUP) in Pakistan.


¡  Experience in research: Being an anthropologist, his expertise lies in social research that involves various steps from conceptualizing research methodology (using qualitative and/or quantitative methods), designing of data collection tools, training of data collectors, monitoring and supervision of data collection, preparation of database, data analysis and report writing.


¡  Organizational Representation: Abro has worked at senior level positions and has represented the organizations at various forums. As an advocacy coordinator with Oxfam GB, he represented the organization at national and provincial levels and influenced public and private stakeholders to prepare contingency plans and align efforts to achieve emergency response objectives. He also represented BDI in an international conference at Dhaka.


¡  Experience in monitoring and evaluation of development projects: as a researcher with BRAC Development Institute (BDI), Abro monitored and evaluated the World Bank funded Targeting Ultra Poor (TUP) project which was implemented by five Civil Society Organizations in Sindh. While working with European Union, Abro designed M&E framework and monitored implementation of Education Reforms in Sindh. Apart from that, as a consultant since the last five years, he has been conducting evaluations of numerous donor funded projects in Pakistan.


¡  Experience of policy advisory services to the federal and provincial governments: As an education consultant with European Union, Abro reviewed the education policy of Sindh, developed strategy to implement Cluster-Based School Management policy, and monitored implementation of the policy throughout the province. While working with Oxfam GB, he provided technical policy advisory services to Provincial Disaster Management Authority and its regional bodies. As a consultant, he participated in National Gender Study for Pakistan Reading Program (USAID) to influence Federal Government to review curriculum policy.


¡  Strategy Development and Implementation: As an education consultant with European Union, Abro reviewed the education policy of Sindh, developed strategy to implement Cluster-Based School Management policy, and monitored implementation of the policy throughout the province.


¡  Partnership Management: While working with BRAC development Institute, Abro coordinated with 5 implementing partners to pilot World Bank funded Targeting Ultra Poor project. As an Advocacy Coordinator with Oxfam GB, Abro managed 8 partnerships for emergency response. As a research consultant, he has also conducted capacity assessments of 7 partners for Engro Foundation, 8 partners for Trocaire International and 5 partners of USAID funded PAIMAN project in Pakistan.


¡  Experience working with Civil Society Organisations: while working with Aga Khan University, BDI, and Oxfam GB, Abro worked with partner organizations (CSOs) that implemented community based interventions in the areas of community health, disaster response and economic support to poor families.


¡  Experience working in emergency response: Abro was born and has lived in Sindh which is a disaster prone province in Pakistan and he has worked with many organizations that responded to floods in Sindh in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Emergency response not only included provision of shelter, food, and medical support, but also provided livelihood support.


¡  Experience working in the area of local governance: almost all the projects Abro has worked in required coordination with local government. In his recent project with EU, he provided technical support to provincial, regional, district, and Tehsil/Taluka education departments. While in Oxfam GB, he worked with district governments to prepare contingency plans and allocate at least 2% of annual budget for disaster response.


¡  Experience assessing capacity of partner organizations: As a consultant, Abro has conducted pre-award assessment of six organizations in Sindh and Balochistan for USAID, eight partners for Trocaire International in Sindh, and seven organizations in Sindh, Balochistan, Islamabad and Punjab for Engro Foundation.


¡  Experience in community-based interventions, especially regarding community grants: TUP project, mentioned above, involved cash grants. Abro monitored how partner organisations screened and selected beneficiaries, and how the beneficiaries utilised cash grants. Abro has also managed programs in education, health, and emergency response.


¡  Experience in disaster management: Pakistan is a disaster prone country, and Abro has worked in various disaster response programs. He provided emergency support to victims of earthquake in 2005, provided food support to victims of floods in 2007, and managed a disaster response program to provide shelter and livelihood to victims of floods in 2010, 2011 and 2012. He also managed a drought relief program in 2016 and 2017. He recently conducted a baseline study for UNDP for its Glacial Lack Outburst Floods in Pakistan.


¡  Team Management: Abro has managed teams of persons as big as consisting of 200 persons. While he worked with Agha Khan University, he supervised a health project which was implemented by a team of 210 doctors, social mobilizers, health care providers and health educators.

¡  Budget management: Since he has served at senior key positions, Abro has also managed funds for various programs, as big as worth US$ 2 million. He wrote proposals on public health, livelihood, and education, and won projects. He also proposed budget for those projects.


Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad 2016

M Phil


Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad 2003



Work & Experience

NA - Working as freelance consultant 06/01/2018

Research, monitoring and evaluation consultant

•Wrote technical and financial proposals for research, monitoring and evaluation assignments (consultancies). •Designed research methodology, developed research tools, trained field staff, prepared database framework, analyzed data, and wrote assignment reports. •Presented the findings of the studies in seminars arranged by the clients

European Union 04/03/2017 - 05/31/2018

Education consultant

•Reviewed and analyzed Cluster Based School Management (CBSM) Policy to improve governance, administration and management of education reforms in Sindh •Successfully piloted the CBSM Policy in Six districts of Sindh, and expanded it to the whole of province •Organized capacity building workshops for education managers, public and private stakeholders •Maintained strong coordination with Reform Support Unit, the Secretariat, Bureau of Curriculum, Provincial Institute of Teacher Education, and private stakeholders •Held meetings with the Secretary, Directors and District Education Officers to expand the policy in entire province.

Management and Development Center 03/01/2013 - 03/31/2017

Research and evaluation consultant

•Wrote technical proposals for baseline studies, midterm/final evaluations and impact assessments for projects funded by EU, USAID, the World Bank, Save the Children, Merlin International, Plan International and Trocaire International. The studies were related to livelihood, nutrition, agriculture, women empowerment, education, public health and advocacy. •Prepared tools for data collection, conducted trainings of field teams and monitored data collection. •Analyzed quantitative and qualitative data, prepared reports, and presented findings in seminars.

Action for Peace and Sustainable Development 09/01/2011 - 02/01/2013

Director Programs

•Managed overall administration, human resources, finances and organizational management •Designed M&E Strategy for Mother and Newborn Child Health (MNCH) project, funded by Norway-Pakistan Partnership Initiative (NPPI) and jointly managed by WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA •Prepared Advocacy Plan and M&E framework •Monitored development of manuals for health workers on community mobilization and interpersonal communication

Oxfam GB 04/01/2011 - 08/31/2011

Provincial Advocacy Coordinator

•Managed Oxfam GB’s flood response program in Sind Province •Led a campaign ‘My Land, My Rights’ to influence provincial government to give ownership rights to women •Influenced National and Disaster Management Authority and irrigation Department to initiate early work on dykes •Influenced provincial and district governments to prepare DRR and flood contingency plans and allocate 2% annual budget for emergency response •Arranged capacity building workshops for partner NGOs and relevant government departments regarding disaster management

Basic Human Rights 04/01/2010 - 03/31/2011

National Program Manager

•Managed flood response project in Sindh that included provision of food and non-food items during emergency phase, provision of livelihood opportunities during recovery phase in the affected districts of Sindh •Wrote a grant proposal and won the project on shelter for flood affected communities. •Implemented IOM funded one-room shelter project in two flood affected districts of Sindh •Designed and implemented “End Child Marriage” program to reduce violence against women. •Coordinated with donors, INGOs and provincial government

Brac Development Institute 11/02/2009 - 03/31/2010

Research Consultant

•Conducted a qualitative research study for the Targeting Ultra Poor (TUP) project in the coastal areas of Sindh that aimed at empowering women through small grants and livelihood opportunities. •Monitored implementation activities of the partner NGOs in the coastal area of Sindh •Conducted mid-term and final evaluation of the TUP program

Access Consulting 06/02/2008 - 10/30/2009

Assistant Manager, Social Policy

•Supervised Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) and Health Management and Information System (HMIS) surveys for the USAID funded TACMIL project on MNCH •Monitored star campaign and constituent events for the TACMIL project •Conducted evaluation study to measure efficacy of public-private partnership model for Karachi Water Partnership (KWP) •Analyzed data on women and child abuse/violation of human rights and prepared a report for UNICEF •Conducted pre-award assessment of local NGOs for the Abt Associates for MNCH project •Conducted mid-term evaluation of Pakistan’s Initiative for Mothers and Newborn (PAIMAN) project implemented by PAHVNA in Dadu and Sukkur districts of Sindh

Aga Khan University 02/02/2004 - 05/30/2008

Social Scientist

•Implemented Maternal and Newborn Care Project in District Matiari •Monitored and supervised qualitative research on MNCH practices in Sindh •Conducted KAP survey and Developed Behavior Change Communication and Advocacy Strategy •Conducted community perception survey about health care •Co-produced a video documentary on mobilization on mother and child health care •Designed Information, Education and Communication (IEC) material •Designed manuals for social mobilizers, health educators and supervisors

National Rural Support Program 06/02/2003 - 01/30/2004


•Collected case studies for NRSP’s Urban Poverty Alleviation Program •Monitored project activities in various districts of Punjab •Provided M&E data analysis to senior management for effective decision making •Prepared monthly and quarterly reports and shared with relevant stakeholders



Social Research
Monitoring and evaluation
Policy analysis
Project designing
Data analysis
Report writing
Behavior change communication strategy designing
communication and mobilization strategy designing