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HANDS 01/01/2015 - 02/01/2019


To begin baseline research of selected communities, and continue to monitor social change and new social information relevant to community empowerment; To identify potential leaders and/or organizers; To motivate and encourage potential leaders to talk to their fellow community members about unity and self-reliance; To initiate actions aimed at breaking down passivity, apathy and attitudes of letting others do things for them. Overall arrangements of MHSU Camp. To raise awareness that community members themselves can move each community out of poverty, and to show them ways they can do this for themselves; To assist community members to identify needs and to generate solutions, identifying priority issues and to analyses their problems; To encourage and stimulate community members to organize for action aimed at solving their problems and to plan, implement and monitor action that they define themselves; To provide community leaders with management skills and knowledge in getting community members interested, organized and motivated; To develop trust, tolerance and co-operation among community members; To assist the community in obtaining available outside resources, warning of the negative effects of becoming too dependent upon outside resources; To encourage and stimulate full participation by all community members; with special attention to those who are usually forgotten, marginalized and overlooked in community decision making; To assist the community members in developing their own capacity and strength to the point where they no longer need the services of you the mobilizer

SRSP 25/02/2019 - 10/27/2020


Identification of CRP's (Community Resource Persons) Identification of Community Notables. Identification of MHSU Sites. Overall arrangements of MHSU Camp. Training Facilitation to CRP's, Notables and Teachers. Delivering Session and collecting community feedback on Health and Hygiene related issues in district. Organizing Mega events/Global Celebration. Formation of WASH Clubs in schools. Attending weekly/Monthly progress sharing and planning meeting. Liaison with Health Sector stakeholders and community influential for project object. Visiting Basic health Unit for the project implementation.

CERD 1/1/2014 - 12/31/2014


Attaining the Appropriate knowledge of Anthropometry/Heath Hygiene,SFP,OTP,SC and overall CMAM/IYCF protocol ,knowledge of working area, community, Stakeholder, local nutrition’s meals, highly density recipes and complementary food. Forming Nutrition support committees on village and UC level, Conduct mobilization session on mohallahs and village to deliver key impact message of CMAM,IYCF. Responsible to remove all the Barriers Adversely affecting the program activities at UC level.